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Flower Girl

Design the Right Thing before designing
the Thing Right

I am a designer with a product mindset. After completion of my UX/UI Specialization from California Institute of the Arts, I completed my Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner certifications and graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology on successful completion of Product Management in Digital Transformation. To me 'Product Design' is not just about using Figma v/s Adobe Creative Cloud. It's how I think that matters.

People are the North Star in my design thinking process. I am passionate about building the right product. I empathize with not only the users but also with my fellow team mates and the business stakeholders to solve the problem from every angle.

My experience in both big corporates and startup work environments has helped me be a strategic thinker and a self-starter who is not afraid to embrace the unknown and the failure. Failures are design experiments for me to learn. I love to take everyone on a journey behind a solution to increase understanding of the problem. This helps me to add the extra value that can be truly transformative in the product designing process.

When not working you would probably find me


Moving to a musical rhythm


Experimenting my culinary skills


Being in nature with my family

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